jeudi 14 novembre 2013

Obstwerk: fruits for all!

I'm kinda a squirrel, I love to eat nuts, hazelnuts and other dry fruits. Winter coming along, I want to stock and hibernate. What could be better to prepare the winter frosts than sweet and without chemical dry fruits?

You could say I'm lucky. I have the great privilege to  have in my new town a shop specialised in fruits: fresh fruits salades, fruits baskets, smoothies, fruit juices, dry fruits, chutney, etc. This shop is called Obstwerk (Obst: fruit, werk: work).

I already tested a mix of dry "classic" fruits (nuts, guava, coco...), a bag of dry apples, some dry banana (I could it that all day long!) and dry ananas (I never had it before and i plan to never live without it from now on). For the kids, I felt for the "Frücht Baeren": it's gummies in the shape of a bear, made with concentrate of fruit juice. Nothing comparable with the industrial ones! You recognize the flavor of the fruits and the texture is pleasant in the mouth. Sophie became a little bit addicted with them...

Since 2009, Obstwerk propose freshly made fruits salads, fruit yoghurts and other smoothies to the firms and workers of the local area. The success has grown and the customers stayed faithful. They opened a shop in August 2012 in mid-town Oberursel. They begun to make dry fruits, fruits coated in chocolate and many more products at that time. Always looking for some new tasty products, they don't forget their bases and keep delivering the companies. The shop has also a website, showing their work: Obstwerk24

Petra Meides, the shop owner, lived her whole life in Oberursel. She has always thought that someone's weel-being is essential for him to live a happy life. So it's a great joy for her to show the customers their range of fruits products. They are only two in the shop: her colleague does the purchases of all the needed fruits, carries them to the workshop and makes the delivery and she makes the products. The easiest to make are the dry fruits, whereas the salads, the smoothies and the yoghurts require a lot of more work. Fruits salades are by the way the best sellers, followed by the "Quarks" (yoghurts with fresh fruits) and the dry fruits. Petra told me she was quite proud of her dry fruits. Creating lovely gift baskets from the customers wishes is another part of the job she especially enjoys.

You have the choice: dry fruits, fruits coated
 in chocolate, fruit bonbons... Mango, cranberries,
 banana, nuts, pears, cashew nuts and so much more.

Ready to eat: welcome the mixes for your appetizer.

Tea lounge.

Herbal tea with fruits, jams, nuts oils...

Sauces based with fruits: here the coconuts curry sauce.

Fruits coated in chocolat.
I tried the raspberry with milch chocolat and it's so yummy!

Guava, papaya, mango and dry ananas.

Cherries, apples, pears, ginger and mulberries.

Gifts baskets. Please your epicurien friends!
You choose the products you want in it.

New products to taste.

And if you have a desire of freshness and vitamines,
you could also eat a fruits salad, a fruity yoghurt...

... or drink these freshly mixed fruits juices.

She wants to develop very soon on her website an e-shop (jams, sauces, nuts oils, dry fruits, gift baskets...). I wish her the best for this new adventure. For myself, I will test further each one of their dry fruits. And there's going to be colors and vitamines in the Christmas gifts this year! Oh oh oh!

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