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Charitable Act: Shoe boxes filled with presents [Festive Family Holiday]

This year, one of my friend organized for our church ward to take part in one of the biggest charity Christmas project there is in Germany: Weihnachten im Schuhkarton. It means "Christmas in a shoe box" and targets children in need in East European countries.

What does it entail? Well... See for yourself:

1/ Grab a shoe box.

2/ Put some Chritsmas wrapping paper on the box. The top and the bottom must be wrapped separately. [Not easily done as you can see on the picture on the right top corner...]

3/ Then, you can choose if the box will be for a boy or a girl, and also the age target [picture on the right bottom].

4/ Fill the box with small presents: gloves and scarfs, winter thights, socks; teddy bears, plush toys, small puzzles, games; basic hygiene products such as tooth brush, toothpast, comb, elastic hairbands... There's some fordidden things to put in the packet like liquids (shampoo for example), toys needing battery, breakables, etc.

5/ You can add a Christmas card - home made or bought - and write a note for the kid who will receive your gift. And even if they do not understand your language, it seems that many children write back (you will have to be patient, it can take nearly a whole year). A woman who was in our ward the day we presented the project told us that she was from Düssedorf, that she did it last year and that she received a nice letter not too long ago. [I totally forgot to take a photo of my 3 cards]

6/ When you have filled your box, put the sticker on the top and use an elastic band or a ribbon to close it.

7/ Finally, gather your box and 6€, and bring them to one of the pick up point. (for me, it's my chapel...) The 6€ will cover the cost of the "delivery" and all the other requiered tasks (finding local associations that know the needs of the population, advertisement, stickers we have to stick on the boxes, etc)

I know that this concept of gifts in a shoe box is not only used in german speaking countries but also in many others. In fact, it comes from the USA and it works since 1990 (see informations here). Depending on where you live, the presents will be delivered in different countries (East Europa for Germany, Austria and Switzerland for example).
  • For USA, I have found the Operation Christmas Child organized by Samaritan's Purse International Relief.
  • For Australia and New Zealand, you can also prepare a box for Samaritan's Purse.
  • In the following countries, Operation Christmas Child is also present: Canada, Finland, Japan, Spain and UK / Ireland.
  • For UK, your can also help Smile International, an association doing the same thing for children in need in the whole world. For this year, it will be a bit late, but save the information for next year!

For me, Christmas time has always been a reminder of the value of giving and sharing, of Love and Service and of course of Jesus' example. Each year, my husband and I give something to an association. This year it will be Operation Christmas Child. And you, whichever the Holiday you hold dear to your heart, will you be generous with others?


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4 commentaires:

  1. This is a wonderful tradition! It's a great way to put some meaning back into the season and teach kids how important it is to give back!

    1. Exactly! Kids tend to "want more" and we need to teach them to be grateful for what they already have and look for opportunities to help others.

  2. What a great tradition Eolia! A true experience of the Christmas spirit.

  3. Wonderful tradition, thank you for sharing with us.
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