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Thanks Cards as Place Settings [Festive Family Holiday]

When we invite people to our home, for a festive occasion or just to be together for a few hours, we usually are happy to have them over. They are certainly grateful for the invitation and have perhaps brought some flowers, drink or even a dish, meanwhile we thank them to be our friends or family members. Why not let them go back home with a sweet reminder of their visit?

My mother-in-law makes each year for Christmas place settings for the guests. As the host, she spends time to write a menu and cook the dishes. She decorates the table, brings the presents under the tree during the night (we open them on Christmas morning) and prepares the small cards with the guests' names. I love them. They are colorful, with pictures or stickers about all things Christmasy and most importantly, she writes a personal note. She quotes the Scriptures and tells something kind to the recipient. The kids are always eager to look at their place setting. Of course, we have to make them wait to read the note right before we have lunch... It's part of the tradition!

As you can see, it's very easy to make during "family time": parents and children together, thinking about the people they like and creating simple and lovely thanks cards. It must be a quick, meaningful and fun activity. Don't try to imitate the professionals if you're not one... Draw your creative and time limits, so less stress and everyone will remember it in a positive way (and hopefully, you will be able to do it again!)

You will need:
Sheets of papers (A4) in the colors of your choice
Pens in the colors of your choice (like gold, silver, glossy, etc)
Pictures cut in Holiday Season magazines OR stickers OR masking /washi tape

  • Depending on the size you want for your cards, you will draw two or three columns. I choose to divide it in 3 columns and 5 rows. One piece for a small place setting, and two pieces for a bigger one.

  • Write a kind note inside the card or a famous quote / Scriptures quote.

  • On the front, decorate however you wish, but don't forget to leave some place to write the name of your guest on it! 

Here in Germany, they have many craft supplies quite "cheap", especially if you look in the discount supermarket such as PennyMarkt, Lidl or Aldi. It's even more difficult to not buy  some of their products when I go shopping for food than to find something you like! (I totally "indulge" myself on Monday... now I have all the children and I need for our Christmas and New Year's cards!)

Yeah, I already prepared some for the friends I will invite around Christmas time... So for the intended, you know you have to save one evening in December to come in our (very soon new) flat. And you will have to wait until then to know what is written on it! 


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  1. What a wonderful family activity! And I bet the guests just love them too!

  2. What a lovely personalized way of welcoming your guests, and showing how you cherish them. Such a great tradition!


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