mercredi 9 avril 2014

Family Craft activity and Game with keywords about what is Easter [for Christians].

For the month of April, my husband and I decided to have Family Home Evenings about the topic 
Jesus-Christ and Easter.

Yeah, it's not really a novel topic...

Gabriel had brought home a paper garland from the Kindergarten. He made it during the activities about Spring and was very proud of it. I wanted to hang it somewhere in the flat, but I was constantly looking at it like "something" was missing.

And then, while I was preparing FHE last week, the idea popped in my head.

We will play with it, each week until Easter, and add new links. On each link we will write a word that remind us of Easter. And for each word, we explain what it means in the story of Easter. 

We show also some pictures or videos about the events to help our son to memorize them better. Not too much, he's only 5! So far, Gabriel, Jonathan and I (Sophie is just a witness in this...) have found and explained these words:

Angels (ex: opening the sepulchre and telling the women that Jesus is no more dead)
Ponce Pilate
Marie of Magdala

We will do it again tomorrow evening (with my Birthday, FHE had to be moved from Monday to Thursday...) with new paper to cut and new knowledges to share.

On Easter day, the garland will be hung up on the wall. I will took a picture and send it to my family and friends with my Easter's greetings.

So, how do you like this simple idea to teach the kids about Jesus's death and Resurrection?

3 commentaires:

  1. J'aime beaucoup l'idée (et en plus c'est simple comme bricolage, la maman feignante que je suis est très reconnaissante :)
    On fait ça la semaine qui vient !

  2. Great idea! We love making paper chains for New Year's eve, now you've added a twist to it - a meaningful one. :)
    Thanks for sharing.
    -Thereza Howling


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