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Tips for newborns' clothes [The Ultimate Guide to Baby's First Year]

Not so long ago, I shared with you what I thought was the basic tips for clothes gifts to a baby. All the people who read it found it spot on and funny. (Don't you know? I'm not into boring things... I prefer to smile and laugh. And shout, on occasion too. Just ask my children...)

I wish today to add some more insights about clothes for newborns (babies less than 6 months old). For people who wants to offer something to new parents, please listen me well.

First, I will talk to the future parents and their close relatives. When you prepare the "packet" in which you will put everything needed right after the birth of your baby, don't forget to put all the clothes in double. 

Reader: "Why do you say that? We have a whole travel bag of clothes in the maternity bedroom / in the nursery (if birth at home)!"
Me: "Because you have seen your baby on the echographies but not "in flesh". You don't really know how he/she will look like! Maybe a bodysuit and a PJ in the size 0 will fit, but perhaps it will be too short... Or if you had planned to make him/her wear clothes size 1 month, he/she will be too thin and small and will look like a bit lost in these clothes."
Reader: "Neh, all my friends told me to go with 1 month old size. That it will be fine."
Me: "Ok, but just think about it. You don't want for your baby to start his/her life with loose or restricting PJ's, don't you?"

And I'm not talking about the fashion look of the baby here. I'm thinking about his/her comfort. They just left the security, the closeness and warm of our tummy, and suddently we put clothes on them that sometimes are not appropriate. Each brand, each textile have their way of fitting a body. As you don't know the measurements of the new star, be smart: take with you two sets of clothes in the sizes that are probably near his/her. It won't be the moment to run for the bag in the bedroom and fret...It's time to enjoy your baby who is finally there!

A baby who comes a bit early (say three weeks sooner than the due date), might be smaller than anticipated. So things for prematures or 0m should do the part.
Some women give birth to very chubby babies: the size 0m is out and the size 1m can be too constricted too! The 3 months old sized clothes are used earlier than planned in that cases.  

As for myself, my children were in the "norm". Thinking about it, Gabriel used more the 1 month size than Sophie who was heavier and taller at birth. I shouldn't have bought PJ and bodysuits in size 0 month for her. She wore them 1 time each and that's all... If I have a third child, I will try to estimate better his/her size at birth and bring whatever will fit the calculus. 
Each set must be composed of: a bodysuit, a PJ, a pair of socks, a hat. Don't forget a pair of gloves and a sleepbag.

Second tip, for the parents as much as the ones who will offer gifts: Chose clothes that will be opened and closed easily, without hurting the baby.
First days are not a good time to exercice your fingers with tiny buttons. Chose snaps and zips (for the sleepbag and the PJ's). And be careful that the snaps are placed so that the legs of the baby won't be in the open air... It hapened for my son... See picture below. The more the snaps, the better your baby will be clothed. (for more infos about that topic, read my last post)

You see, his right leg wasn't covered... Grr, it was January!

Third tip: clothes are not the only textiles useful for new parents. You never have too much of towels, blankets, burp clothes, bibs and so on...
Babies are lovely. But they can also be "dirty". Parents will have their share of laundry. And running short on towels or burp clothes could become a problem. So, buy them a set of smooth towels, they will thank you!

Fourth tip: buy coton pants and t-shirts. Easy to wash, easy to put on the baby, and more practical for him/her to move his members. Jeans could look cool... but it's not the best for them to wriggle. 

Well, that's all for today. On my blog anyway... If you want to read more interesting (more than mine...) articles, see below the list of all the other bloggers publishing on the topic Taking care of new parents.

For all the post of the day, it's here: "Ultimate Guide to Baby's first year".

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  1. Great Suggestions! We donated all baby clothes that had fancy jeans/zippers/buttons -- cotton is easiest, and most comfortable for baby by far. :)


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