lundi 20 janvier 2014

Goin' Home, a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

In loving memory of Martin Luther King Jr., Alex Boye and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra sung and played the song "Goin' home" based of the "Largo" of Antonin Dvorak. It was in 2010.

Today, may we think about this man who fought for the end of segregation in USA and the equality of all in Civil Rights. This man, driven by love and faith in the human being, has been one of the most incredible instrument of God in the 20th century to change the heart and the spirit of many citizens and politicians. And not just in his country. His legacy is perennial and his words, him who was such a talented orator, have not lost any of their power over the decades.

"I had a dream..." he said. Dear beloved Mr King, we have heard it and we have made it ours.
May this dream be shared with the future generations and in every villages and cities of the world.
R. I. P

This picture comes from the Nobel Prize organization's website (click on the photo).
You will find there a biography of this great man.

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