dimanche 29 décembre 2013

Frankfurt temple during Christmas time

I wanted to take some pictures of my beloved temple, all decorated with lights for Christmas. We had Church in the afternoon in 2013 (we share the chapel with another ward) and when we finished, we could see the lights in the Temple garden. We could walk in the garden and I experienced each time a feeling of peace, harmony and love I will never grow tired of having. 

I was able to go to the Temple yesterday morning with my husband while my in-laws took care of Gabriel and Sophie. I'm so grateful to live near a temple now! It was quite strange for me because the session (the lesson) was in english. It was quite a long time since I had one in this language. I think I am now used to german (and of course french). As the temple will be close for some works (mostly technical renovations) during January, we will try to go back next Saturday... Having again someone to babysit them (for free!) is a luxury I'm not going to pass! Thanks God for the grand-parents, they are the best!

The Temple Presidency's house. The buiding is beautiful
 and old, and with the lights it's even lovelier!

The walk from the ward's chapel to the Temple (on the left).

The Temple entrance. So happy each time I open this door!

The donkey used by Mary and Joseph to come from Nazareth to Bethleem and
 some sheeps from the stable are surrounding Mary, Joseph and the newborn Jesus.
The statues stand near the guest house (hotel for the Temple visitors).
They would be a bit too big for my flat, but I would love
to have replicas of these statues in my home for next Christmas...

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