mercredi 11 décembre 2013

SotD / CdJ: Christmas Decorations

Moonlight performers, Christmas Decorations

Les paroles sont sous la vidéo:
The lyrics are under the video:

Get the decorations,
Hang them on the tree
Christmas decorations,
Just for me.
Another box is opened
Oh what a surprise
Christmas decorations
I can't believe my eyes.

Shiny things and twinkles, 
Sparkling glitter trim
Knickknacks full of memories,
Cider to the brim.
A heavenly kind of feeling,
A lovely halo bow,
As slumber comes to angels 
Within the tree-light glow.

In the evening twilight,
Every Christmas eve,
There's a special magic
Around our Christmas tree.
There's a certain spirit--
fleeting though it be, 
Yet decoration memories
Will always be with me.

Christmas decorations
Hanging on the tree
Christmas decorations
Just for me.

Aubree & Stephen Oliverson

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