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10 Songs in French about foreign countries / 10 Chansons en français à propos de pays étrangers [World Cup for Kids]

Today, France plays against Equador for a qualification in the 8th finals. I really hope my country will win and pass to the next round!
To wait for the game, I have selected 10 songs that have french lyrics and speak about a foreign country / city. 

Aujourd'hui, la France joue contre l'Equateur pour une qualification en 8e de finale. J'espère vraiment que mon pays va gagner et atteindre le prochain tour!
Pour attendre un peu le match, j'ai sélectionné 10 chansons en français qui ont pour thème un pays ou une ville étrangère.

Nathalie, Gilbert Bécaud (Russie / Moscou)
The story of the meeting between a french tourist in 60's Moscow and his beautiful russian guide/interpreter.

Les lacs du Connemara,  (Ireland)

Je m'appelle Bagdad, Tina Arena (Irak / Bagdad)
Here's a bit of infos about the song and the clip.

Le plat pays, Jacques Brel (Belgique)
Jacques Brel was a belgian singer, songwriter, actor and poet. The song of the old lovers is one of my favorite from him. 

L'Amérique, Joe Dassin (USA)

Mexico, Luis Mariano (Mexique)
A very well known operetta in France! But the singer, Luis Mariano is even more beloved!

Beaux Dimanches [Dimanche à Bamako], Amadou et Mariam (Mali / Bamako)
The singers are a couple on scene and in life, from Mali. They became blind during their youth and met at the Institut for young blind people in Bamako. They are very well known as World Music artists.

Manhattan-Kaboul, Renaud & Axelle Red (USA & Afghanistan)
Bon, cette chanson me fait pleurer à chaque écoute...
This song is about the events of September 11th (2001) and how two people from different countries can be tied to this event. One is a trader who died in the attack on the WTC and the other is young afghani girl who is killed during a bombing in the following war.

Je vais à Rio, Claude François (Brésil / Rio de Janeiro)
Cette chanson est très festive et reprend bien l'ambiance du carnaval de Rio.
This song is festive and reenact the Carnaval spirit in Rio.

La Compagnie Créole: Vive le Douanier Rousseau

Bienvenue dans les îles tropicales!
Welcome to the tropical islands!

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    1. I wanted to share some french songs but they are so numerous that I didn't know where to start! So I thought "Why not songs speaking about parts of the world?"

  2. Thank you for the song. We only listen to it like a 100 times :)

    1. I'm happy your family like them. Which one do you like the most?

  3. What a great idea for a post! Can't wait to go through and listen to all of these!

    1. Thanks Leanna! Take your time, my post isn't going anywhere soon! hihi ;-)


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