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10 ideas for a festive table decoration - Festive Family 2015

There's so much to do to prepare the Holidays, that often we loose focus on what is trully important: being whith the people we love. That said, we can spend some fun and quality time with our family and friends while preparing our decoration for all the parties we will held or go to...
Let's see what we can make - or shop - with the kids to help them participate!

1/ Tablecloths.
Well, well, well... This topic has been abundantly discussed in many articles and books. What you have to keep in mind to chose your tablecloth are the shape and size of your table(s) (duh!): many people invited means often more than one table. You have perhaps a bunch of pretty tablecloths in your cupboards but not all of the same color and pattern. So be smart and buy new ones in all the sizes and shapes needed for all your tables in just ONE color. It has to be a color you like and that can go well with your crockery. These tablecloths will be used at every big gatherings you will organize in the future. What will make it festive is what you will put on them! (see all the other points in this post)

 Of course, if you have a family meal on just one table, you can use one lovely and festive table clothe. What do you think of these:

Table clothe from Les Toiles du Soleil. Fabric: model Tsar Or.

From Le Jacquard Français

Now that you have chosen your tablecloth(s), you can start thinking about the rest of the decoration!

2 / Table runner
Koloud from A Crafty Arab, one of the member of the Multicultural Kid Blogs community I'm in, has a simple and pretty idea for a table runner you can do with your kids. What is great with this one? It fits for all your family gatherings!

I also found this very cute idea of a snowflakes table runner:

You can find the tutorial here on HGTV.

3/ Mark-place for your guests.
I have two posts on my blog that you will like. They are easy to do with children and your guests can keep them as reminder of the great time you will have spend together.

Thanks cards for your guests as mark-places

For the star and Ferrero mark-place, here's the PIN 
For the one in the plate: PIN 
And the mark-place on the glass : PIN 

4/ Candle jars
There are so many of them on Pinterest! I had a hard time to select two...
Here are my favorites that the children can do themselves for a Christmas table:

Yarn wrapped painted jars.
You need glasses, paint, and yarn for these candle jars.
Of course, you can paint whatever color you prefer!
Nice and simple! Thanks Sophie from The Forge Style
Washitape jars
From Mademoiselle Dentelle
You have your theme for your party?
Now use washi tapes in the required colors and patterns.
The kids can't do wrong...

5/ Table wreath

A tulle wreath on Simple DIY 2. Chose your colors and give them to the children...

And now 4 WREATHS on the same blog post, thanks to Crafts 'n Coffee:

6/ Scented candles for a festive atmosphere!
Oh the choice for the candles! But, since I tested the Salt City candles, I love their products! I'm a bit late in my shopping for this winter however, I think I will let myself be bespelled by these "flavours":

Candle Maple Butterscotch
Christmas Eve

Christmas trimmings

7/ Table mats
This craft idea will help you use all the old wrapping papers, cards and photos you don't know to store anymore! Follow all the instructions on the Junk Mail Gem Blog to create these table mats:

8/ Napkin rings
So easy and quick to do with kids!
Curtain rings, ribbons, glue: et voilà!
idea: Hippos and dinosaurs

And well... I found this list of great ideas, on Brightsettings, with all the tutos!

9/ Chair decoration
The Budget Decorator has listed some pretty easy and fun last minutes decorations for Christmas
 and I fell in love with her chair decoration. 

10/ Random table decoration
Be creative, take example in the nature with these craft ideas:

  • Paint with a spray pinecones in gold, silver, red or green... and dispose them on the table.
  • Use oranges with cloves or cinnamon rolls to have a nice scent at the table
  • Create snow globes with old jars:

Snow globes: decoration and gifts! From Whipperberry
  • a ribbon and a big pinecone: a lovely deco around the table!
Pinecones with ribbons

I hope you will have found some ideas for your next family gathering. Ask your kids which one they like the best, and help them make it! I wish you the best for this Holiday season!

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  1. I love the place markers - so many opportunities and the kids can help with many! And scented candles are my favorite all year round!

  2. What a beautiful list of table runners. I am honored to be included. I can't wait to check out the other links and see what others have made.
    Kay, A Crafty Arab


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