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Where are you from? [MKB Blog Carnival]

"Where are you from?"

What a vast question! So many ways to answer it: geography, history, family, linguistic, personal history, spiritualy, etc. 

No, today I don't feel like doing it that way. I prefer... well, find it for yourself...

The Old Man was watching.
In his heart, linger a feeling
Of tender affection for the young girl
Who is happily brushing her curls.

He knows how things go
For his wisdom is greater
And his kindness deeper
Than any mere hero.

Soft brown eyes searching for a word,
Raising a question in their brightness.
Full of Joy for her cleverness
He won't let it be unanswered.

Where do we come from?
Is a question worth a kingdom.
For many great philosophers tried
But never succeed before they died.

"See Child, the answer isn't as important as the question. When you ask "Where", the possibilities of meanings are so numerous that each one of us may start their pondering at a very different point. 

Some would be inclined to speak about their homeland: they would explain how green the valleys are and how many cities dot the landscape. Another would add that this country is nothing without its history, the people working in its offices and industries or the ones who rule it.

The third would certainly tell you about the cultural aspect of life. For him, a society needs culture, knowledge, arts and exchanges to develop itself and shine. He would be stopped in his speech by a fourth, eager to explain that spirituality and the power of God(s) are at the center of this search.

They will be all correct in their discourses. But Child, would it answer your question? Would you be satisfied?

- I think I would have learned something. However, I look for the Truth. You are the wisest and the mercifulest I know of. Won't you tell me how I have to ask my question to be understood and how I can find a true answer?

- That, Child, is alltogether your question and the answer your seeking. No one can truly tell you Where you come from. They will draw a sketch, but never will they describe the whole tapestry. Because when you ask Where, you're only trying to know Who. Did I guessed right?

- Yes, you did... I think that... Well. If I know where I am from, I can relate the informations to who I am now. But... what is important is not the past and the experiences I had. My background helped me to build Who I am, and the present, even if fleeting, is the only moment for me to know that. My thoughts, my actions, my choices are now the product of Where do I come from? But they do not define me completely. Now does.

- Ah, my Child. You have grown in a fine young lady. I will grant you your wish, for the answer is so simple that no one thinks about it: Where are you from has to be only changed in Who were you... and what did you decide to be!

- Old Man, that's not an answer!

-Yes it is. It's an answer in its own right. Because it's my answer, the vision I have now, with you, of Where are we from. I am the four men of the story and at the same time I am far more than that. I am Me, and there's nothing more important than knowing that. Even if you don't exactly know what this Me wholy entiltles.

- I guess I can go with that answer. Thank you for lighting up my day.

- Wait Child, before you walk away, I have to add this: I am who I am. My purpose is to see Joy and Intelligence in My Children's eyes. You have to always remember that I come from the same place as You, and that what I know, you will know it someday. The mysteries of Life are neverending. Enjoy the Journey for it is the way to gain your answers. Then, Where are you from will become Where will I go. So, Child, chose it: let it be your new search, your brand new question. And in doing so, we will with great certainty see each other again.

- I will follow your advice. But I would like to ask you one last question...

- You may.

- How could I know that you told me the Truth?

- If what I said is true, you will experience Happiness and your life, even during trials, will be filled with Joy and Hope. If I am a liar, you will suffer along the way without any consolation and answers will become harder to look for. And you will lose your knowledge of Who you are. Where you are from will be the sole purpose of your life and you will have no future in your mind.

- Hum... you could lie now too.

-Yes Child, I could. That's why you have to find the Truth by yourself. But be assure I will be there when you need me. I enjoy answering questions that open the eyes of the mind.

-Bye, then. And now... Where will I go?

- Where you chose to... Nice walk my Child. I will wait for you. As your Father, it's the least I can do...

So, dear readers, after reading all the others blog post of the MKB community about Where are you from?...

...Where will you go?

Antennae Galaxy. Source: wikipedia.

This post is part of a blog carnival of the Multilingual Kid Blogs. The host of this blog carnival is Stephen Greene from Head of the heard and you can find all the other posts in his article Where do you come from?

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