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Sweet tooth: from mom to children [The Ultimate Guide to Baby's first year]

Today is Mother's Day in many countries: USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Malta, Samoa, Turkey, Peru, Sri Lanka and many more! But not in France, mind you...
I didn't want to write the usual article for this "Celebration". I wanted a funny one!
So here's my thoughts about a significant part of my relationship with my children: FOOD!

People who knows me would say I'm not a "bad cook". Nonetheless, I'm no Cyril Lignac nor Christophe Michalak. I tend to be more a "gourmande"... and that doesn't mean a "gluton" in french as some dictionnaries translate it; it's more "someone who likes to eat good things in little bit more than average proportions AND knows when to stop".

I am very proud to say that my two children are "gourmands" too. They love to eat some roquefort and chaource, pâté de sanglier et boutifarre, tartes aux légumes and gratin de chou-fleur, poisson en papillotes and brochettes de poulet... However, their favorites dishes are the desserts. And that's where my sweet tooth comes in.

"A meal without a touch of sweet is not a finished meal" could be my motto. Pass along the fruits, the compotes, the crêpes, the pies, the cakes and the cookies! Not too much, it wouldn't be healthy. Just what my body and my children's bodies need, to be sated and content.

Gabriel's first birthday at his nanny. She baked
a chocolate cake and he was SO happy about that!

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" says the proverb.
I'm not too sure it's true with my son but he sure loves to bite in
 a Gala, a Pink lady, a Golden or Jonagold...

Sophie's favorite first baby meal were the banana, the apple and the pear ones.
Then, spinachs (both my children love this vegetable), pumpkin and carott/potato.
 I tried to give her the vegetables first, but she wasn't too fond of them.
So I switched to the fruits, and olala! She was crazy about them!

Fresh peaches. Yummy! Peaches are my favorite fruits with apricots and rhubarb.
Seems that my children have a special bond with strawberries and bananas too...

The best goûter  on a sunny day would be Ice Creams!
Here in Germany, the ice creams are cheaper than in France and the choice is awesome! I love the fruity cups and the copious cups full of chocolat or various nuts.
A few weeks ago, it was such a beautiful sunny day on this Thursday, that we stoped by the Eis Café in Friedrichsdorf before meeting with some French friends who were there for  five days.

Gabriel's cup: the Snowman! Vanilla ice cream, smarties, biscuits and chantilly.

Sophie waiting for her ice cream... Amazed by her brother's.

My son, very proud of his choice.

Yes, finally I have my cookie ice cream!

Someone's jealous of my Ananas' cup!

Fresh ananas, chantilly, a cherry, and cherry syrup,
vanilla / cherry / mango and coconut ice cream balls. So tasty!

Today, for the German Mother's Day, my husband and my son have baked a cake with peaches and apricots. And on the 25th of May, the French Mother's Day, I will have a pastry (bought at a local Pastry). The family Sweet tooth will be well taken care! And we will create many new happy memories.

So, share your love for good food with your children, the food that fills the body, the spirit and the soul with happy memories and  the mouth with wondrous tastes.
Because we are what we eat, cook joyful and well-balanced dishes. Indulge every other time in a "very nutritive" snack (home-made or artisanal. Not so much industrial) and let your kids know that hapiness can come with very simple things such as a ice cream or a cookie.

Happy Mother's Day !


Don't forget that today begins the awesome project "Ultimate Guide to Baby's first year".

 Ultimate Guide to Baby's First Year

Interesting tips, funny or thoughtful stories, and big giveaways are on the menu!

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  1. Love the snowman ice cream dish...how adorable! Happy Mother's Day :)

  2. I learned so much! I am so pleased to be able to get to know you more and connect. The Internet is so cool, isn't it that world's apart, we can become friends.

  3. I couldn't agree more, a meal without something sweet to finish it off hasn't been a proper meal. I call it: putting a dot on the i :) Looking forward to your other baby blog hop posts!


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