mercredi 19 mars 2014

Some frameworks for a family activity

With the kids and a german friend who come home to speak german with us (it helps Sophie more than Gabriel who has already the Kindergarten), we started last Wednesday to craft three frameworks. One for Gabriel, one for Sophie and the last to hang in the living room. I finished them Monday afternoon, while the kids were "resting" in their beds (reading for one, throwing overboard some plush pets for the other).


three white frameworks [bought 1€ each small ones, and 2€ for the biggest]
spray paint [for me: green, metallic pink, metallic gold]
masking tape
colorful and shape stickers + letters stickers
metal letters
pens: silver, gold, black, etc
a pen for CD / DVD
old CD / CDRom
pictures, etc

Gabriel's board

Gabriel helped me to glue the letters and the CD, he also choose what would be written on the CD (weel, i gave him three options...) but for the stickers and the picture I made it alone so that I could surprise him. He was so happy with how it turned! He already loved this picture of him baby and was joyful of having it on his frame. I just have to still fix the hanging system and put it in his bedroom.

For Sophie

Well, Gabriel helped me more than Sophie to make it. I used masking tape to glue a pink paper in the middle, and also the CD. I added some stickers and her age. It will be her birthday in one week: two years old, I didn't see the time passed!

The one for the family... present and coming!

I bought the letters in metal at I-Punkt, here in Oberursel. I rather like this shop... so I don't go in! Because if went there often, my wallet and my husband would pass out! It's not really "expensive" but there's too much of lovely things.

I deliberately left some place to paste in future the names of our other children. I saw too many friends who had bought or crafted a frame with the name of every family members and who, once the last baby was born, didn't know what to do with their frame or how to add the new name. Here, I won't have this problem! Especially because I do not want to coach a football team. A group of Belote players is enough. ^^ Hihi.

Also, i couldn't let the opportunity of writing down that our family is sealed in the Temple for all Eternity. it's agood way for the children to know that we will always be there for them, if every one of us tries to do good and follow Jesus-Christ's exemple in all of our acts. I explained it to them during our family home evening, while I was showing them the finished frames. Sophie is a bit too young to understand everything but Gabriel liked the idea of being with us on this family board and forever linked with us. So now, he wants me to add a new name on it asap... Hold your horse my dear, Mummy will first find a cure for her lumbar problems and we will think about it later...

And you, which one do you like the most?

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  1. We're very crafty, and I'm sure this is something I can do with my soon-to-be 6 yr. old. Thank you for sharing at the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop, and congrats you'll be featured next month! :)


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