jeudi 20 février 2014

Banana and coconut puff pastry.

Yesterday evening, after baking my main dish, some puff pastry was left on my kitchen table. So I decided to prepare for the morrow a sweet dessert with it and a banana a bit mature.

*puff pastry (minimum a square  20cm x 20 cm)
* 1 banana
* 1 egg
* cacao powder
* 4 coffee spoons of coconut powder
* 2 coffee spoons of brown sugar
* 1 coffee spoon of maïzena

- In a plate (special oven), spred your puff pastry. In the middle, put the banana cut in thin slices.
- In a big bowl, mix together with a fork: maïzena, egg, cacao, sugar and coconut.
- Pour this mixture on the slices of banana.
- Close the pastry in a shape of a croissant or a square. [You can also brush some yolk on it]

Bake at mid-high at 180°C (the oven must be already hot), for 25 minutes. (Verify that the top don't burn. Put a slice of aluminium on it to protect it). Savor it with a hot cocoa or with a chocolate ice-cream.

For lunch time, the kids didn't let me take a picture before eating their dessert...

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