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Her name is Talisha... but everyone call her Snow White [Multicultural Children's Book Day]

Mirror, mirror on the wall! Who is the fairest one of all?

When you have been raised with fairy tales written by the Grimm's brothers as bedtime stories, it's a sentence you have heard quite a few times... It comes from one of the most reknown of them: Snow White. Many adaptations can be found in the litterature, or as movies, TV shows, or paintings...

Today, I have the great pleasure to review a book adaptation with an african twist that one singer I like would love to share with his children. (Mr Alex Boye', you have to read this book to your daughters!)

Talisha Snow White & her little munchkins

I received a digital copy of this colorful book written by Aphrodyi Antoine and illustrated by Eloy Claudio and as soon as I started to read it, I wanted to understand all the references the author made to different African cultures. 

I don't know much about Africa's history and culture (even if I went to college to study History...) and the pages at the end of the tales, explaining some words and sharing games for the young readers, made me want to learn more. Although it's a book written for children, any adult (may it be parents, teachers, librarians, educators, etc) can feel the spirit of curiosity coming from the story.

My children don't speak English, so I had to read it first in English and then translate for them in French. It was not the first time for me to do it, and the kids like to hear my voice change from my English tone of voice to my French one. Yeah, I kinda have different way of speaking depending on the language. But that's not the subject for today... or is it not?

In fact, Aphrodyi Antoine laced her tale with African names and words from different languages - for example: Talisha, Thema, Yeka -, cultural references like the Apple and Spice Cake (makes me hungry everytime I read the lexicon) and a good dose of talent. Her take on the Brothers Grimm' story is a bit like listening to a Griot. (If you don't know what a griot is, check this informative and educative post.) I had to adapt my voice and pronunciation to these foreign words. And of course my three and a half years olf daughter asked me "What is this word? / C'est quoi ce mot?" each time... The lexicon had been a great help!!! 

What made me like even more the story - and my kids 100% agreed - is the quality of the drawings and the way the text and the pictures are displayed. We love "comics" as a family - especially the bandes-dessinées we have in Europe- and Talisha Snow White reminds me of one. The text and the pictures work together to bring life to the story of Talisha and the numerous cultural references to Africa.

You can purchase it on amazon.
When you will have read the book, you will understand that the story plot of Snow White has changed quite a bit. If Talisha is fair and kind, she doesn't need a Prince to release her from an evil sorceress. Her family will suffice, thank you very much. No love after just a gaze, but loving and everlasting family bonds. Bonds that are not from blood, but from adoption, acceptation and love.

Many children can see themselves in this story as one of the munchkins, and adults will be thrilled to play the part of Talisha's protective adoptive parents. With just the right dose of magic and African background, this new adaptation of the Snow White's tale will help children to be more curious of other cultures and also to be more confident in the loving family bonds they can have with adoptive parents and siblings. 

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  1. I'm so impressed you can translate and read in French to your kids! Thanks so much for your great review and for your support of Multicultural Children's Book Day! Merci beaucoup! Mia from PragmaticMom

  2. Merci beaucoup pour vos aimables paroles. I so appreciate your review. Again, kindest regards for your taking your time to review my children's book!

  3. Wow! This book sounds super intriguing! I need to add this to our "must read" pile! Thanks for a detailed and honest review of this cool book. And thank you for participating in MCCBD2016!

  4. Would love to see your posts in the Practical Mondays Link Up too :)

  5. I so love the look of Talisha Snow White! :) Thank you for linking up for the #diversekidlit meme. :)

  6. This looks a fabulous book - and I love your review. Thank you! (Via #diversekidlit)

  7. Looks like a fun read! Thanks for sharing.


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