dimanche 8 juin 2014

Paris: Eiffel Tower & Champ de Mars

Tips for the ones who want to go on the top of the Eiffel Tower: 

* Don't go during a "more than 2 days" week-end (like the Pentecost or a "bridge"... say the 8th of May or Ascension). The crowd will be huge!

* Go in the morning, less people should be there (My husband and my son went back on Monday morning to visit and it was really quick for them to have a ticket).

* When there's too many people, the third floor is closed on security purpose. It would be sad to not be able to look at Paris from up there!

* If you don't plan to use the stairs and go up with the lift, you can order tickets on internet: the queue is much quicker that way!

* Have with you a bag that will include: bottle of water, hat, snack, camera, a book or a music player (If you have to wait, make it enjoyable!) A wallet with some cash can be a good idea too!

* Beware of the pickpockets!

* Baby-buggies are forbidden in the Tower. Prefer a sling!

* Dress comfy in all seasons! Heels and mini-skirts are a big no-no. Remember: you will walk on iron grid plates as stairs... And if it's a bit chilly in Spring or Fall, take a jacket. It's always colder on the top because of the wind.

* Go to the toilets before joining the waiting queue! As we say in french: "Qui va à la chasse, perd sa place!" (Who goes hunting, lose his seat.) And the toilets are few...

Around the Eiffel Tower:

Trocadéro square and garden, Palais de Chaillot in the background (wiki page)

The Seine, viewed from the Iena bridge.

Beaugrenelle area

A boy and a bridge... (behind: Fly-boats)

Yep, works in progress! And also a giant yellow ballon to represent Rolland Garros tennis competition...


Champ de Mars, watching Rolland Garros

There's always something interesting happening: asian brides... real ones or just for a commercial ad?

In the Champ de Mars, there's also playgrounds for the children. When we lived in Paris suburb area, we liked to come here with Sophie and Gabriel. Seems that they didn't forget this place: Gabriel ran to find it. We had to tail after him...

On the Champ de Mars, at the opposite side of the Eiffel Tower, you can visit the "Wall for Peace". 

Sun in the eyes for Gabriel, Sophie moving like a eel and a photograph "shooting" a clown a bit on the right... I'm not sure if this photo is a keeper or not.

Have a nice visit!

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  1. excellent tips, particularly the one about mini skirts!!!

    1. oh yeah! I have seen people in the queue wearing things that weren't appropriate for a climb of iron stairs! You don't have to wear mountain/treking clothes but please... cocktail dresses very short and high heels... If you take the lift, OK (bof) but the stairs!!!

  2. Pinning and saving this for our trip next year:).

  3. Your tips are spot-on! It's literally the same thing we tell all of our friends who come to visit! I think the morning tip for the Eiffel Tower is the most important one and makes the biggest difference. Happy to have found your blog on the #AllAboutFrance link-up!


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