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Nepal Tragedy: Fundraising Campaign for CHOICE Humanitarian

Sometimes in life, you feel a pull, a call, to do something you didn't planned. I'm not talking about eating the last piece of chocolate on the bar at 11pm. I'm talking about doing something altruist, generous, perhaps time-consuming... Something that brings us nearer to God or the Divine (whichever you prefer).

After hearing about the earthquake that shattered so many lifes in Nepal and North-India, I have looked for NGO raising funds to help the victims. As I was trying to decide which one was the more "suitable", I stumbled on an article advising people to be cautious on how to give and remind us of what happened to a part (a quite big one) of the humanitarian help provided after the disaster in Haiti in January 2010. This article in the French newspaper Le Monde relates the situation in Haiti 5 years after the earthquake and it's not a nice picture.

Of course I know that rescue teams, helicopters, shelters, food, water, medical help, etc are needed right now in Nepal. And that without funds, it's not possible. BUT emergency situations (when it's a natural occurence) are nowadays quite well planned or managed by governments and international NGO.

What is not planned or enough secured, is the aftermath, the rebuild of the country. How many money have been "lost" or "hijacked" after the massive and spontaneous international help for the numerous calamities throughout the world these last ten years? Earthquakes, tsunami, flooding, famines due to heat-waves, storms and cyclones... in all the continents!

That's why I have chosen to spend my money and time - and heart - on an organization that was already on site and is aware of the needs of the people in the epicenter region of the earthquake:

They have worked with them for many years on various aspects, one of the main goals being self-reliant and self-developing communities. It's the core of the programms for nearly 30 years at CHOICE Humanitarian. As the quote from Maimonides says: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." And this organization applies this principle. They also empower and educate women and girls, so that they can stay healthy and feel as equal citizens with their work and contributions to the community.

Building desks for a school.

As you can see on the maps below (click on the enclosed documents), the regions of Ghorkha and Lamjung with whom the organization works have greatly felt the earthquake. This article on a USAID page (a US Government agency) explains rather well which part of Nepal have been victimed of the quake(s).

In the latest blog post on their website, Bishnu Adhikan, the In-Country Director for Nepal has given some informations about the situation in the Kathmandu Valley and the areas of Lamjung and Ghorkha (earthquake's epicenter). You can check what is happening in Nepal with CHOICE Humanitarian by following this link: blog Nepal. If you want to know a bit more about Bishnu, you have a quick video on youtube from a documentary he took part in, and here below another of him explaining his work and his wishes:

Helping women with a healthier life: implementing biodigesters to eliminate nocive smokes in the kitchen, see video below.

And now on the fundraising campaign:
if you wish to help CHOICE Humanitarian, you just have to click

I have set a personal goal of 500$ until the 31st of May 2015. 

This money will serve the populations of Nepal in their dire and present needs but most important, it will be used to rebuild and set goals for the future. Tents and temporary shelters are ok, however it will never be as good as building again houses and facilities. Schools have been destroyed, health centers are damaged, etc. the sooner the Nepali will start rebuilding, the better their life will improve.

Make a wish on their future, donate!

Update 28th April:

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